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Another way in which we engage with each other is through IRC.

IRC is a chat program where many people can text chat together, kind of like instant messaging, but with more people.

If you already have an IRC client installed on your computer, for example: Xchat, IRSSI or Weechat then these are the connect details:


Port: 8001

Channel: #linuxdistrocommunity

What is IRC? (Internet Relay Chat) How do I connect to it?

Linux Distro Community no longer supports the Webchat interface in our channel.

You will need to install an IRC client or use your installed client to connect to the IRC Channel.

IRC Related Links

IRC Public Bot Commands










.karma [ITEM]


!bomb [NICKNAME]

!timebomb [NICKNAME]




!suggest [SUGGESTION]




Admin commands:

!games_info.tcl on|off

!timebomb.tcl on|off

!karma.tcl on|off

!urllog.tcl on|off

!peak.tcl on|off

!suggest.tcl on|off