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I've already posted a 'help required' but I'd overlooked this bit so I feel I should contribute.
I'm a returnee to Linux having been a Slackware fan for some years more than a decade ago. It was with great reluctance that I had to return to Microsoft when I became a mobile wifi user. The only wifi dongles I can get come with Microsoft drivers and no Linux alternatives so now I'm running Linux as my main OS but in a VPM box. And of the more than two dozen Linux varieties I tried, LinuxLite is the only one where everything has worked straight off the net - it sees my Windows ISP and Belkin dongles, accepts an English language/French keyboard combination and doesn't reset my passwords seemingly on a whim. All the software works and updates and additions install with no problem. On my 64 bit Toshiba laptop, even as a VP machine ,it's fast - far faster than expected. Criticisms? I haven't found any of importance yet and the tiiny niggles are more down to my personal preferences than faults with an operating system I can see me sticking with for many years to come. How nice it is to be back.


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