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Just a thank you thread,

First time I ever used a linux distro was back in 1995 with Red hat, Curiosity made me first look at linux, I still remember the lack of information about installing linux and it was a text based installer. Anyway at the time it was better once setup than windows 95, But still ended up going back windows even knowing that it was more useful, Ever since then I kept looking at different distro's every 3-4 year and install the popular ones each time I decided to play with Linux, Unfortunately I keep going back windows once I can't find an alternative application that I would normally use in Linux. Its been few years since I last installed a distro(last one was ubuntu 7.04) So I decided it has come time to try a linux distro keeping in tradition to test a linux distro every few years to see how its been developing, this time I decided for something minimal as I suspected to uninstall it after a week, I chose Linux Lite and started reading and watching youtube videos about linux light. I have to say Linux distros have come along way since I last used one. You guys have done an excellent job with this distro and now it supports some games and others with wine, I have actually installed linux light on my old laptop and it works a treat, I will be keeping this installed as I also managed to install Photoshop CC with wine and a few other must use apps, I have no reason to change back to windows this time. Saying that I still have windows on my main computer for the following reasons... I program in Delphi and use the windows API's, I am looking into lazarius and have it installed on my laptop so you never know when the day comes to learn linux programming, the other reason is some really high end games that use directx that I have and enjoy playing, I know linux can not and will not support such games and wine is not there yet with its technology, the final reason is the wife... she is use to one thing and if something changes it would confuse her.

I think that's enough ranting on for now, just wanted to say thanks as it the first time I have not needed to revert back to windows, below are some thoughts what I would have liked to do with linux light

1. Software installer like the Ubuntu one or similar
2. better default browser(I installed chrome but as i type it jumps some times to different lines)
3. A server version of Linux light would be cool

that's all I can think of at the moment, I will be sure to update this thread as I find new things and ideas..

Thank you.


  • ValtamValtam Registered
    Hi Departure, welcome to the community. Thank you for the Linux Lite feedback, it is much appreciated and we love hearing about different experiences. Good to see you making the effort to move away from windows :) Linux based operating systems have come a long way over the years.
  • johnrpmjohnrpm Registered
    Welcome, you can install software centre if you wish, I have not, but others have I believe.
  • Just wondering if there is any application I can install to ¨quick search¨ files and folders and apps, I know there is catfish but you have to actually load that program before searching, I was thinking like whisker menu but support to search files and folders not just applications, Windows has that in it start menu, and is the mosted used feature of windows from what I have seen from people using windows. Any suggestions are welcomed, also might be something to think about implimenting if there is such a feature
  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    Hi Welcome to the community mate :D

    As for file search the PCmanFM Filemanager has a really good file search utility and it doesent require you to open up the filemanager :D there are probably other but i cannot think of any off the top of my head :D


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • JoshuaJoshua Registered
    Great that there is another Linux Lite user.
    It is the only Ubuntu based distro that dose not care about being really flashy.
    I notice that alot of Australian people use it too :)
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