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Arch Install Script: Easy installer

I did not make this script but I absolutely love it. I think I found it on the Arch wiki somewhere. It is perfect for those who want a pure Arch install instead of ArchBang.

Boot off of the Arch image.
install git
pacman -S git
download the script
git clone git://
enter the cloned directory
cd ./*
(lol sloppy command)
run the installer

then follow the on-screen instructions :)


  • Certainly nice looking, Thanks for sharing. Always love seeing stuff like this.
  • wet_sockwet_sock Registered
    I have only installed arch twice and both times used this script, made it very easy. Helmuthdu changed the name of the script so you now type ./lilo to run it.
    a guy called "midfinger" did a youtube vid on using it
  • Does this still work?
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