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What do you use your Pi for?

What do you use your R.Pie for? Media Server, File Server, Racecar...I would like to hear what you guys did.


  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    ATM KiraYameto is running on my Rpi along side some ASIC driving software :) it also build Arm Packages across a Distcc network for another Project im working on :)


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • bartosbartos DonatorDonator
    I have 3
    #1 is Openelec ( soon to be replaced with a chromecast because i used Plex and it is easier)
    #2 is a security camera that i can log into to watch live stream and it ftp all pictures to another device for safety
    #3 is an outdoor audio player using Volumio that I can access with a tablet or phone. Volumio link
  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    Nice Bartos :)
    I Wish i had a few more pi's lol i would like to see how 20 - 50 of them would stack up in a cluster when it comes to performance :)
    Main thing that sucks is 100-Base-T only Ethernet :( if only it was 1000-Base-T.
    I Also have a Couple of Odroid's when i need more power :)


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • robgravesrobgraves DonatorDonator
    I still haven't gotten into the Rpi thing, I'd like to though, but not entirely sure what I'd use it for...this thread might give me some ideas.
  • plustwoplustwo Registered
    I own one and installed "FreeBSD for ARM" for network monitoring ... 3 months in operation
  • ViperViper Registered
    though I do not have a Pi yet I will be getting the new model B+ soon, I plan on installing Kodi Media Center on it and connecting it to my TV
  • I run a PirateBox on my Pi, but it's rarely turned on as no one seems to use it but me.
    Planning to get multiple console emulators running on PirateBox in order make my Pi a little fun/sharing station..
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