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Lovin Lite 1.0.8

I've been using Linux Lite for a very short time and I just want to shout how much I am loving Lite 1.0.8 more and more by the day!!

I installed 1.0.8 about 2 weeks ago thinking I was going to skip back and forth to XP for familiarity reasons, but I am telling you I have NO DESIRE to fart around windows anymore!

Linux demands more out the user. Linux doesn't insult the user's intelligence like Windohs! I am definitely going to explore other Linux distros in due time, full time. But for now, Lite 1.0.8 is a satisfying introduction to the Linux world. Fairly simple to understand and perfect to immerse in. And yes it's all FREE!

I dig the forums and all the helpful Linuxites who take the time to post back sound advice, support and all around inspiration! Cheers to you all!


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