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Alien transmission..... (os teaser)

RobbzRobbz DonatorDonator
[size=x-large]Incoming transmission....[/size]

[size=large]Sector 78 HQ[/size]

"..... For decades are kind have been stuck in the galaxy known as "Arcade", We have been oppressed for so long. With our galaxy running out of resources, we may not survive for much longer. Our people had almost lost hope until new discoveries have entitled a warp hole leading to a unknown realm. We sent commander 1337 "Zardox" to infiltrate this realm. The reports from Zardox have confirmed a strong alien race known to there language as "Tux" on a Planet only known as "Linux Lite". We do not know if this place could be a sustainable planet but one thing is for certain.... we are running out of options......"


[size=large]Could something be Invading?[/size]


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