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Rooting the Samsung Galaxy Running the Exynos Chip

PinguyPinguy DonatorDonator
For anyone that hasn't rooted their S3 (or any device using the Exynos4 Chip) yet. You can now do it without even using a PC. Due to a recent exploit that has been found you can root the device really easily.

All you need to do is side load the ExynosAbuse APK then run it. This will install the SU app giving you root access to the device.
Once SU is installed go to the Play Store and install ROM Manager . This app allows you to install CWM so you can flash custom ROMs.


  • grell72grell72 Registered
    edited March 2016
    The rooting app for S3 is much easier now as there are a few 1-click tool available for that. However, rooting the latest Samsung Galaxy S7 is still a challenge. Here is a guide on how to root S7 with anyrooter. Tested on my device and it works great.
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