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Linux Mint

My screenie of linux mint 14 afew a few changes. I've installed this on my mobile usb 500gig hdd
it be good to use when on the road on another persons machine to rescue data or just to play on without using thier stuff etc........ it's working out quite well so far i din't have any complaints other then the username menu don't come as default it's a addon from a download , this mint is a Cinnamon a nicely done reworked gnome 3.60 and well done indeed the only real complaint is this so modern a software the wifi wont function on my old acer laptop
then again i'm not surprised really it's a old paperweight for lack of a better term so it's to be expected and that's cool i just plug in the ethernet cat6e cable run off that for net access. I haven't tried on other machines but that's in the works so stay tuned... i let you know how that goes

so untill next time.. keep it between the ditches...
gt. :cool:


Username-menu: will try this on other machines see how it goes i have a few around here..
oh please note on older machines like laptops don't expect the wifi to work it didnt work on my old Acer aspire 5100 series laptop...


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