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Whats Going To Be Your Next Phone?

PinguyPinguy DonatorDonator
I was in the market for a new phone. The 4 I decided on was these:

The phone I decided to get was the Nexus 4 but due to the high demand for the phone the contract prices are way to expensive. So because of this the Nexus 4 wasn't an option even though its the phone I would pick over the other ones in a heartbeat.

The HTC One X+ was better priced and has a very fast 1.7Ghz Quad-core CPU. But the locked in battery and lack off SD card slot put me off.

The LG Optimus 4X HD is very cheap for the specs it has. But its running the Nvidia Tegra chipset and I have been burned in the past with Tegra.

Pretty much every phone that used the Tegra 2 AP20H chipset (the phone CPU not the tablet T20 version) didn't get updated to ICS. This isn't normally an issue as you can use a custom ROM. But because of the locked down nature of the Tegra 2 this made it imposable to build a fully working ROM for any device that used the Tegra 2 AP20H.

The Galaxy S3 has been on my radar for awhile, and now that the Official 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Update is being pushed to the UK it gave me more intensive to get it.
The main reason I never decided to get the Galaxy before was because of the high contract prices. Now that the prices have dropped its a very good phone to get.

Here is a video of the dock for the Note 2, but will also work with the Galaxy S3 once it gets the Jelly Bean Update (The JB update will bring all the same functions to the Galaxy S3 as the Note 2). The video shows off some really cool things you can do with the Samsung Galaxy S3/Note 2.

So are you in the market for a new Android phone? Or have you just got one? If so what are you looking at getting/own and why.

Should also give a shout out for the Xiaomi Mi-2. I would of got that but didn't want to go though the hassle of trying to import it from China.


  • RobbzRobbz DonatorDonator
    I have the one x and i must say its nice but would prefer samsung. (i tryed both)
  • ValtamValtam Registered
    Love that dock :)
  • PinguyPinguy DonatorDonator
    Samsung Galaxy S3 turned up today.

    First thing I did was turn it on and check to see if the Jelly Bean update was out. It was :P

    Really awesome phone and very fast. Rooting it was really simple. Out of all the phones I have owned, the Galaxy S3 is by far the easiest.

    After it got rooted I replaced the GPS file for one with faster lock-ons and added Beats Audio, Bravia Engine and the PlayStation Cert Store. Also a Adblocker.

    Have to admit the default firmware is really good. I was going to roll my own ROM for the device but to be honest its a bit pointless. Samsung have done a really good job with the software.


    The S3 has a huge amount of features that are unique to the S3 firmware, like the ability to call the person you are reading a SMS from by simply lifting the phone to your ear. Saying snooze when the alarm goes off. The screen never going to asleep while you are looking at it. Being able to wipe across the screen to take a screen shot etc. Plus the many little short cuts to move icons/apps from one screen to another.

    There are so many nice little touches and features in the default ROM/Firmware that you just don't see in other custom versions of Android.

    I think this is the first time I have ever wanted to stick to the default firmware that came with a Android Phone.

    If you want the default look and feel of Android Jelly Bean you can install Nova or Apex launcher to replace TouchWiz.
  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    FOr me i would say the One X or the Nexus 4 :)


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • ZooseZoose Registered
    I bought this a few weeks ago. While it isnt the greatest phone, it serves its functions.
    as far as i know, there isnt root available and has a locked boot loader.
    Does anyone else have, use, or know any more on rooting this device?
  • irishluck83irishluck83 Administrator
    nexus 6!
  • anexanex Registered
    Zoose wrote:
    I bought this a few weeks ago. While it isnt the greatest phone, it serves its functions.
    as far as i know, there isnt root available and has a locked boot loader.
    Does anyone else have, use, or know any more on rooting this device?

    Looks like no root options for this phone yet..

    I have a htc one m8 and my next phone will be a htc one hima
  • randallrandall Registered
    I have a BLU Studio 5.0 C  and am loving it.  plan on using this phone for quite a while yet so my next one probably hasn't even been built yet
  • slackmagicslackmagic DonatorDonator
    setkeh said:

    FOr me i would say the One X or the Nexus 4 :)

    Funny you mentioned Nexus 4. It's my current phone (just got it about 2 months ago myself), and already went and ordered me 3 more for relatives/friends. I think I'll keep it for a few years til something else comes along by perhaps 2020.



    "One is never too old to learn; and will never have learned enough." - (Chinese proverb)
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  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    i have had my nexus 4 for 3 years now :D and its getting a bit old and tiard lol so im about to go upto the nexus 6 because motorola built it im hoping its even better than the 4 but the 4 is a great phone :D


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • ShadowChangeShadowChange Registered
    I have samsung galaxy s3 for almost two years, and not one problem occured. Just keep it nice and clean. 
  • Teddy5090Teddy5090 Registered
    edited July 2015
    I currently have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, actually my first smartphone. I was late in the smartphone game lol. My previous phone was a Motorola V557 flip phone from 2006 (yeah, I had it before the first iPhone ever came out lol). I loved that phone but it had an issue where the screen flickered in and out, and eventually didn't turn on after the problem escalated. It was not worth fixing, but it was able to last 9 years lol. So I went on eBay and ordered a used Galaxy Note 3 (T-Mobile USA version, model SM-N900T) for $250. A smoking good deal considering the specs it has. I even went crazy and bought a 64GB SanDisk microSD card for it, giving me a theoretical 96GB of total space (internal space is 32GB).

    I went from crazy old to crazy fast lol.

    I am going back to Motorola at some point. They make phones that are built to last.
    Theodore Thorpe,
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  • grell72grell72 Registered
    edited March 2016
    Already pre-ordered Galaxy Galaxy S7 Edge, lol. Plus, it's kind of hard to root s7. There is not many options left for this.
  • LansilterLansilter Registered
    edited February 2017
    I'm going to change a new Android phone ,due to the Android phone , the old phone runs slowly, and some Android data can not delete data completely ,Listen to my friend said.After his new Android phone is erased, runs express, so , once i have a new Android phone , then install a Android eraser to free up space,
  • KDGKDG Registered
    iPhone or ubuntu Phone :)

    IRC nick Name:             KDG
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    update as of 2017
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