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Linux is here spread the word

for a while now IV been thinking that just telling people about Linux is good but we can't tell every one that it exsits?

what I was thinking was we could get together to contribute to making flyers, brochures and business cards with info on Linux fun fact's and how to download and install i.e dual booting and links to use full site and YouTube channels etc that we can spread in ower local communities a crowd source advertisement for Linux distros.


  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    A good idea in Theory but thats about the extent of its goodness :)

    The problem is in most places people dont understand computers and have little interest in obtaining knowledge to operate them past loading up and talking crap on the internet so i dont think this plan of attack would gain much momentum because it would cost you allot of money for the printing and most of the time thoes flyers will just end up in the bin people also dont like being harrased in the street by some dude crapping on about somthing they dont understand.

    You are more than welcome to try this it would be interesting to see how well it goes
    although honestly i dont believe it would get us very far :)


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • yea most people (sweet there's a Facebook metro app I'm geting a windows 8 tablet)
  • I'll second what Setkeh said. It's a good idea on paper, but in terms of practicality I don't think it'll fly so well.
  • LinuxephusLinuxephus Registered
    I was telling "them" that Linux exists.
    They told me to go to hell.
    Then called my mother a whore.
    To which I replied, "You're just jealous my mother was on the 12th Edition of Crackwhore Magazine."Wait...can I make a statement like that on air???
    -Unix Guerrilla Warfare Specialist™.-
    -Evolution Is Merely God's Way Of Performing An Upgrade™.-
    -Linux: Guerrilla UNIX Development... Venimus, Vidimus, Dolavimus™.-
  • Hey Guys well i think that linux is packaged in a format known as a linux submission for desktop and server use. Some popular mainstream linux distributions include debian.Thanks!!
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