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LDC Overhaul

setkehsetkeh Administrator
edited July 2018 in Announcements

Hi Guys, Hopefully just a quick one.

I am Planning to Fully overhaul the LDC services, Whats on the happs ??

Suggestions ??

Whats the plan you ask ??
Put a Nice Modern Front end on and try to reduce our dependence on pre rolled antiquated php sites.
Re Skin
Complete Overhaul of LDC bot new features and better interactions.
Complete build automation and integration with the Github Organization to make Community Engagement in the development of the community easier.

We need you help to Achieve the goals in a timely fashion if you have any coding experience or would just like to learn some more about coding please feel free to help out where possible.

Target Languages
Golang (Backend, Bot things like that)
Javascript (Frontend webpages)
CSS (Forum theming)

Helpful Languages

We can interchange some of the target languages a fair bit and i know most of the languages in this list except ruby really so im more than happy to help you learn a new language or your first language.

If you interested in helping out please let me know and i can add you to all the appropriate things to get you started :)

As always were open for suggestions so even if you're not interested in coding you can still contribute and we appreciate all the feedback thanks guys :D

Thanks guys looking forward to kicking some butt in the change department :)


One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

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