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How to install Zorin to a flashdrive so it can run from it and see the data there

I've installed Zorin to boot and run from flash drives, but when it runs it cannot see anything on the drive beyond the Linux system. Other distros like Puppy, LPS, etc., can run form flashdrives and also read and write data from the flashdrive they are booting from, what is the problem with Zorin install, how come the file manager and the apps cannot see and use what I saved to that drive in Windows?
The Zorin bootable flash drives force me to use a separate drive for the same data, thus using 2 USB ports instead of just 1, to be able to read and write data while running Zorin.
(Please note, I'm normally running Zorin 9, I do not wish to use a later version of Zorin because I only need to run a basic editor and access it readily for quick notes, and such basic editor is no longer available upfront in later editions which feature a full-service office suite, which is too time-consuming to access and use)
Please tell me how to install Zorin 9 to run on a flash drive and have it access my own data directories which are on it in FAT32?
Thank you <3

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