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Kind of miss the old days, but so is life

It has been 6 years and although I am rarely here, I miss the fun we had. I have gotten old LOL and changed careers. Yugnip, Valtam, Zoose , yo2boy and other used to play games and talk crap. We also were helped and helped others. I learned a lot. Good times !!


  • irishluck83irishluck83 Administrator

    Hello again.

  • kantoquadkantoquad DonatorDonator

    Hey, not sure who is around still and time gets away often. I still only use Linux , but my new job may require Windows, we will see. I don't have time to get under the hood much anymore, Any of the original set around still?

  • Teddy5090Teddy5090 Registered
    edited February 2018

    I am still here. Life went on for me too. Still use Linux as well, Manjaro/Windows dual boot only now and only 1 laptop to use it on. I miss those days too. I was most active in 2012/2013. I'm hardly active on any forum to speak of ha. I guess I am part of the OGs, maybe? Might pop in IRC... If I can still recall my nick password on freenode after all this time!

    Theodore Thorpe,
    Member of the Cup Of Linux, Linux Distro Community & Linux Lite Forums.
    OS: Manjaro XFCE 64-Bit & Linux Lite 64-Bit
  • kantoquadkantoquad DonatorDonator

    Hello Teddy.

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