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LDC Team Comes to Keybase

Hi Guys,

Keybase announced earlier this week the teams functionality has finally released and i know a few of us are using Keybase (Im following/followed by most of you now i think lol) but im interested in checking out if there is any interest in the Keybase chat as the permanent non IRC chat (Hopefully Replacing Rocket chat one day) its end to end encrypted (for you tinfoil hats among us) and has fully encrypted file sharing if you dont know what keybase is go check it out its awesome if your already on Keybase you can request join access by running the following command (Team joining is not in the GUI yet)

keybase team request-access ldc

unfortunately they limit team names to 16 chars so i could use our full name but you get the point, look forward to seeing you guys there.




One does not Simply Deploy into Production.


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