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Hey fellow Linux geeks & guru's!!!!!

CyberjackalCyberjackal DonatorRegistered, Donator

Hey guys! I'm new here on LDC, but not new to Linux. I started into the world of *Nix in 1997-1998 on Sun Microsystems' Solaris & also FreeBSD (when I was in jr.high & high-school), thanks to a friend of the family who was an old System V & current Solaris administrator (at the time) - and Minix user. My dad, USAF Intelligence, also encouraged me with that stuff quite a bit too. Didn't actually start using Linux itself until late 2000, early 2001 when I was just getting out of high-school - started into the Linux world with RedHat-RHL 7.0/7.1 Seawolf & Slackware 6.0. Still have all my original floppy disks for installation that I made for all those too in storage lol. Where & when did most of you guys start?

Ok, so the "Introductory" part... I'm a 34 year old Linux/FreeBSD adept, PC gamer, #RHSCA & #RHCE (RedHat Certified [software] Engineer) - in addition to having a number of other certifications (CompTIA's A+/Network+/Linux+/CISSP/etc.), am a "Information Systems Security" specialist by profession, and coder/programmer in C++ & Python (primarily - know a bit of a couple others too, but barely use them). Also pretty hardcore into mtn.biking (off-road, cross-country on my 2006 Trek Elite 9.8; and all-mountain on my 2016 Intense Tracer 275C-DVO factory edition) and ice hockey... helps keep me in shape. ;) lol

Anyways, I primarily use Arch Linux. It's been where I consider "home" at as far as operating systems go - been using it as my primary OS since October 2012. But I also use RedHat-RHEL/CentOS (ofc, being an RHCE), OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, FreeBSD still on a couple file/FTP servers, and I've recently also started playing around with Gentoo (replacing LFS) in a VM/virtual install as well - which is how I found you guys... watching some Youtube vids about Gentoo. Didn't really need any help (yet), just was watching for other people's experiences and then saw a link to this website/forums/discussion board. I'm familiar with pretty much everything based on Arch & RedHat; OpenSUSE Tumbleweed, Mageia, & Slackware individually; and even some distros on the Debian side: Debian, Bodhi, Mint, Xubuntu, Crunchbang (now unsupported), BunsenLabs, etc. When RedHat-RHL forked/branched to RHEL & Fedora around 2004 (I think), after the Fedora Core versions I started "distro-hopping" around a bit (even though I still used RedHat & Fedora every single year) and became familiar with the more broad world of Linux... I was looking for a good, solid, free & open-source distro to call/consider home. It really made me thankful when I finally came to a stop, came HOME to Arch in 2012. ;)

Any more information on me can probably be found best on my Steam account:
Feel free to check it out & add me if you guys do any gaming! :)

Glad to be a part of you guys here! :)


Arch Linux / RedHat / OpenSUSE Tumbleweed / FreeBSD / Gentoo
Mate, i3wm, Xfce4+Openbox
mainly Zsh shell, though will sometimes use Bash


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