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A little reminder..

I would just like to remind everyone in LDC that we expect good behavior everywhere in the community. This isn't such a huge problem in the forums, but on IRC, I have witnessed some very undesirable behavior from some "certain users" in the channel.

I would like to emphasize that the LDC community is meant to be family-friendly, and we should all watch our language (I concede however, that swearing is allowed for some occasions..), but bear in mind people from other cultures/kids might be offended by certain types of language.

Another thing I have noted is very explicit sexual language being used. This is unacceptable for a family friendly channel. Do not engage with those who do that, and report it to a moderator if necessary. Moderators in the LDC IRC channel are: pdq, setkeh, Acou_Bass, MatthewAllan93 and myself. (shymega)

Most of all, be civil to each other. If you feel uncomfortable with what someone might be saying, please do make that clear. The LDC is meant to be a welcoming community for all, and I want it to stay that way. However, I do fear that recently, that feel is being lost. I have already been pm'd by people who are leaving the channel, or want to, due to recent behavior.

All in all, most of you are well behaved. There are some people who are not, but I hope that those involved can become more civil in time.

Thank you for reading this.

Dom Rodriguez (shymega)


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