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battle-rage: a fighting game, where the battle rages on !

gnobiangnobian Registered
edited February 2017 in Announcements

battle-rage: is a fighting game, where the battle rages on !

battle-rage is a fighting game in 2D, where the fighters encounter each other in terrible duels fights !

author: Brüggemann Eddie <>

language: C++

dependencies: sdl2, sdl2_image, sdl2_mixer, sdl2_ttf.

Copyright: Brüggemann Eddie 2016 (C) GPLv3.

Video presenting the fighting game battle-rage



Gaming battle-rage

    Choose the playing mode:
    • Player vs Computer.
    • Player vs Player.
    • Computer vs Computer.
  • Then choose your fighter and your adversary between 16 different fighters or let the computer select randomly [Return key].
  • Fight into 2 or 3 rounds: in every round, the goal is to knock your adversary down: Until he's get no more lifepoints.
battle-rage provide 16 different fighters all having different properties values :

Power: strength of the kicks.
Resistance: resistance to the effect of a kick.
Speed: speed of the moves of the fighters and advancement by a kick.
Aggressiveness: aggressiveness of the adversary (only used by the computer fighter).


You must have PC joystick(s) to control battle-rage.

No fighters keyboard control is implemented but

the keyboard is a little bit used: per example hit the Space Bar to pause the game during a fight,

or pressing the Return key will select a fighter randomly in the fighter(s) choosing screen.

Because battle-rage implement specific but simple rules to establish a joystick rule set.

This game specific joystick rule set is done according the left|right and foot|fist logic.

To link every joystick button to a different kind of kick.

note: So you have to configure your joystick the first time you plug it in.

Game configuration

You can configurate battle-rage in following terms:

  • Difficulty level:
    • Easy
    • Normal
    • Hard
    • Misc (All fighters have the same properties values)
  • Game speed:
    • Slow
    • Normal
    • Fast
  • Game sounds effects: On/Off.
  • Music of the game: On/Off.

Usefull links about battle-rage


I hope you will enjoy to play battle-rage as I had pleasure and fun by writting this fighting game.

And that's nothing will stop you to learn the fight technics of every fighters.
To knock down on thee ground all your adversaries.
Licensing: Some resources of battle-rage are ripped images files from proprietary video games:
I disclaim all accusation of violating the law because
in fact I was abuse by downloading this resources, and hope that will disturb nobody.

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