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Hi, is any LDC user running Free/Open/NET/[type something else]-BSD? I gave a try to FreeBSD once upon a time, but dont like it, probably was to stupid to use properly xD but i heard from my Professor, that *BSD systems are very nice to administer, and, at all, more, hmm, ordered than Linux, so, i promised myself to give one more try BSD systems - so i was interested if someone from LDC has experience in that (in case i need help ;D )


  • DanDDDanDD Registered
    I tried PC-BSD around a year ago, and I didn't like it. Just recently, I tried Ghost BSD and still didn't like it.
  • irishluck83irishluck83 Administrator
    I have tried TrueOS, Net, and Free. I had to give it up cause I would have to hack it to get dropbox to work.
  • I sometimes use FreeBSD 11 and TrueOS, and they both work very well for me. However, neither of these BSD OS's are anywhere near as fast or as user friendly as my favourite Linux Distro, MX-16. Of course, FreeBSD 11 starts out as a bare bones OS, which has to be built up from almost nothing, because you need the terminal to install even basic things such as the login shell!
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