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setkehsetkeh Administrator
Hi guys,

As a few of you know im a Devops Engineer in a Callcenter so i get to play with allot of cool toys and write some pretty boss code :P

I would like to build a Comercial platform around PBX (Asterisk in this Case) mainly for the learning experiance working with PBX and phones but it may become an actual comercial project if it goes off well (Opensource of Course)

This is the bit where i need your help, Since im only 1 me i need people to use the PBX to make phonecalls and chat with each other :)
For Security reasons and Anti Anoyingness the whole system will be heavily integrated into KiraYameto (My IRC bot) yes he will be making a come back in the LDC :P
So the sharing of extentions should not be nessisary (Unless you really wanna share it ofc) and calls will have to be initiated and Accepted from IRC with the Exception of public groupchats which will be assigned a dialable phone number.
There will be NO outbound Trunking so you will only be able to communicate with other users within the PBX domain

This will be a Monolythic piece of software since it will likely turn into an entire platform i have been planning for a few years now so expect bugs and intermittent service from time to time :D

If your interested in helping out in the project please let me know any usage will be hugely helpfull as the biggest part will be call routing (difficult to do when you 1 person :P)

Thanks guys :D


One does not Simply Deploy into Production.


  • shymegashymega Registered
    edited October 2016
    Heya setkeh

    i'd be glad to offer feedback on the PBX, but mostly from a technical side point tbh, i'm not fond of speaking to people on internetz on VOIP..

    What PBX is it? Asterisk? FreeSWITCH? I think we discussed it before, but I can't recall which one you were using..

    Dom Rodriguez (shymega)
  • KDGKDG Registered
    @shymega does u not use irc huh?

    IRC nick Name:             KDG
    Mumble nick Name:      KDG

    update as of 2017
  • shymegashymega Registered
    @setkeh - Nvm about the PBX q- i just re-read the post, and it is Asterisk :) Must have got confused from when we spoke a while back about FreeSWITCH- of which I *still* haven't got it going! D:

    Anyway, I'd be happy to help w/ internals, but possibly VOIP, iono yet.

    Dom Rodriguez (shymega)
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