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root (pcmanfm) desktop, user wm

fig os is pcmanfm desktop and (usually) icewm, except this twist:

the pcmanfm desktop runs as root.

in puppy (which inspires fig os) EVERYTHING is root and going multiuser is tedious and difficult (i imagine getting puppy the way it was to also be tedious and difficult.)

but i wanted a puppy user to have a feel of puppy root from an environment designed to run as user.

everything worked fine live, from this one-liner:

echo 'sudo pcmanfm --desktop &' > /mnt/mkrefpup/refractafs/squashfs-root/home/user/.icewm/startup

until i tried the fig os installer. well, now that its installed the desktop doesnt run at all...

we can fix this with a script called with & from rc.local:
#### license: creative commons cc0 1.0 (public domain)
while [[ 1 ]]
do p=$(ps aux | grep pcmanfm | grep desktop | wc -l)
if [ "$p" -lt "1" ]
then export XAUTHORITY=$(find /home | grep "\.Xauthority" | tail -1) pcmanfm
export DISPLAY=:0.0
pcmanfm --desktop 2> /dev/null &
sleep 2
at least i dont think this is worse than the way it was done before.
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