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posting from a remastered refracta

devuan fan here... learned on puppy long ago, got rid of windows thanks to xubuntu, made way to debian, devuan, devuan live.

ive tried about 50 or more distros, always like the apt-based ones. i think theres a lot of fedora users here (hi) though im sure i will find lots of distros here.

refracta is still working its way onto distrowatch, its a live version of devuan.

my own little "distro" is a remaster of both puppy and refracta, in a single iso.


  • Hello I think I know you from Murga forums. welcome.
  • figosfigos Registered
    edited September 2016
    hey there darry, thats entirely possible. and thanks very much. :)

    its pretty exciting to post to a "just because" thread like this and find a friendly reply when youre not expecting any reply at all.
  • pdqpdq Administrator
    heya and welcome figos. Fedora was my 2nd OS after Windows XP, now I'm on Arch. :P

    Admin at Linux Distro Community, humble slave of LGC & lurker at GOL. [GitHub, Twitter, Steam]

  • figosfigos Registered
    thanks pdq.

    its funny, as soon as i posted that i thought "why did i even say that?" ive read tons of posts here since then, so ive found puppy users, debian users, suse users-- just about everyone i can imagine so far.
  • DanDDDanDD Registered
    Welcome to LDC @figos. Since you like Debian based distros, you might like MX-15 which has been my distro of choice since June.
  • figosfigos Registered
    edited September 2016
    "you might like MX-15 which has been my distro of choice since June."

    funny you mention it, i was checking out the entire mepis ecosystem (history to the present) just today, partly because its debian-based and partly because they briefly (during an rc phase) used devuans version of debootstrap. theyre really going to have to step it up to measure up to refracta in my book though (this is mostly tongue-in-cheek-- i am definitely partial, but mx is clearly great stuff too.) thanks for the welcome :)
  • KDGKDG Registered
    !welcome @figos

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    update as of 2017
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  • MatthewAllan93MatthewAllan93 DonatorModerator, Donator
    Hello & welcome @figos :). I look forward to seeing you around the forums & IRC channel :).
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  • DanDDDanDD Registered
    edited September 2016
    Refracta is now on Distrowatch.
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