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LAN on Linux Lite

How do I setup LAN between two LL machines? I do not know the basics, I simply pluged in network cable, but it won't connect. Are there some basic settings to be done before connecting?


  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    Since the underlying principles arnt linux lite specific ill give you a basic rundown, You can head over to the linux lite forums for the specifics for how to do this :)

    In Networking computers are "Like" Devices so the best thing to do is to use a crossover cable (These days Nic's can auto sense so this may not be required depending on the age of your computers)

    the next step would be to manually configure the network interfaces with a static ip address in the same network range. e.g


    the /24 part is the CIDR for the subnet mask in this case

    in theory this is all that is required for ipv4 communication between the two machines.

    You can also setup a DHCP server on one of the PC's like dnsmasq and automaticly provide an ip to the second pc though unless this will evolve eventually into a network of many PC's this will likely take more time and be less usefull and far more complicated than the manual configuration.

    There are tonns of good resources online for networking basics but the important thing to remember is that both machines need to be in the same subnet or you will end up with very complicated network principles like inter vlan routing which is absolutely non nessisary for a peer to peer ipv4 network.

    If there is anything else you neet to know feel free to ask :) i have 3 Cisco certs including Specialist so there arnt too many questions i wont be able to answer :)

    Good luck.


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