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Terminal clocks


Alright in this screenshot, top left quadrant is tty-clock and it's being run with a few options here:
tty-clock -c -C 4 -t
the first flag, the lowercase c, centers the clock int the terminal, the second flag, uppercase C and the space and number 4 in my case chooses color, options range from 0 to 9 vor varying colors, and lastly the t flag makes the clock 12 hour with AM and PM, without this its 24 hour..

Ok the two right side quadrants are BOTH clockywock run with:
you can hit keys as shown in the bottom right quadrant brings up various options such as color alarm, etc...this menu will diappear after a few seconds of not hitting anything, below is a picture of clockywock in color bottom right corner again:


also of note with clockywock is the hands on the clock move in real time, the "s"'s are for seconds hand, the "m"'s are the minute hand, and the "h"'s are the hour hands.


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