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Regarding karma and spin commands on IRC

pdqpdq Administrator
edited June 2016 in Announcements
The karma and spin plugins were created because they were fun to make and I thought people had fun with them but it's apparent that not all the members enjoy it or have fun. Since multiple members have expressed concerns with the bot commands over a period of time for both the karma and spin plugins as well as my own concerns about people over using them and creating scripts etc...

How about we try to fix the issue, I can think of suggesting changing the timeout to once per day or just get rid of those commands all together or what's every ones input on the matter?

Post in the forum here, on IRC :)

Admin at Linux Distro Community, humble slave of LGC & lurker at GOL. [GitHub, Twitter, Steam]


  • bougymanbougyman Registered
    They are still fun for me, but I'm new, so take that with the grain of salt it deserves.
  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    Hey guys,

    I agree with pdq here for a time limit or quantity per day adjustment on these commands since the development of automated scripts its become an avenue for much displeasure and of course we want your feedback on the issue as the community should be a fair place for everyone.


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • I hate to say it, but maybe we do an exchange system, one up or downvote costs points, that we get from IRC slot machine, or from fourm posts.
  • pdqpdq Administrator
    Hmm cool idea @Tipping_Fedora but I don't know if discussion matters much now as not seem to be many participants here or on IRC regarding this being a problem and ideas/solutions but there's also timezones and other reasons so I'll just post some of my thoughts.

    Frankly I'm here to have fun and this LDC/Community/IRC channel does not need policing done by me and me alone, if there are personal behaviors and other things we need to discuss, then we need to do these things together and not from a top down me or other Admins dealing with every issue that comes up. This is why everyone has a voice on the LDC and everyone should feel welcome to post their concerns and and when someone has a problem bring it up in the IRC channel or forum where we can discuss and find a solution together.

    As for members scripting auto bot commands and in my opinion (and probably others too) others over using the commands to the extent where flood timeouts needed to be added and time increased on these overtime to counter repetitive actions, this is probably the average expected human behavior as IRC is just text and can be boring and adding the option for repetitive actions with expected outcomes it seems only natural that the outcome would be people doing these repetitive actions. :surprised:

    I feel no need or desire to police our IRC channel for behaviors that others may find unacceptable but are not against our rules/code of conduct and are not unacceptable or noticed, brought up as an issue by me or by others in the community, if a member finds something disagreeable they should feel welcome to discuss their views and opinions with me and with the community and we should be open to their views and if feasible work out some way forward so all parties find it agreeable.

    As for what is deemed "bad behavior" or "excessive text" etc regarding bot commands, text in channel, nick changes etc. The bots use timeouts or ban upon the most excessive commands or text/nick floods but it's up to the individual member to police themselves and to police each other and if they find something disagreeable in another members actions they can vocalize this as unless they do how would anyone know there's even an issue? This method has worked well in the past by many members of the LDC to solve many problems and to curb unwanted behavior.

    In regards to timeouts, flood protection and timers. Just because something has a maximum tries per time frame does not always mean this is the suggested course of action, for example, there is a 10 second timeout on posting on the forums as well, this does not mean people should post to the forum every 11 seconds hehe, flood protection exists to prevent the most excessive text not as a frequency guide.

    Myself, I have this thing called self control (sometimes) and (sometimes) knowing what might annoy other people and thus do not vote at every available opportunity at the earliest available time every hour, these bot commands have turned into much more of social experiment than anything else as they're being used in many different ways I would never have thought of and effect people in ways I cannot comprehend.

    The plugins were fun to make and I'm sure people do have fun with them and others do find them annoying as hell and both these points of view and others points of view are certainly valid but in regards to policing how members use the plugins... I prefer peoples individual responsibility in how they do things than being a regulator of peoples behavior.

    Every single bot command or line of text sent from an IRC client could be exploited to be annoying or considered spam/flood, but it's true these 2 bot commands in particular do reward repetitiveness and we probably should do something about it...

    I'm open minded and pretty tolerant and not offended easily, especially by words, text on IRC or something on the internet, I understand that some people can be and they should feel welcome to voice their opinions and feelings.

    So what should be done with the bot commands? I don't know, I offered some suggestions in the main post, @Tipping_Fedora has a cool idea but that might lead to members using those commands even more hehe.

    Admin at Linux Distro Community, humble slave of LGC & lurker at GOL. [GitHub, Twitter, Steam]

  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    I personally dont find the scripted commands an issue however i would rather see them running in the off periods and not breaking up conversations but if it on or two commands its not really an issue :D though i really do like @Tipping_Fedora's idea not even as a method to slow down or prevent repetitive behavior its just a really cool way of tieing the two games together :D

    Thanks for your input so far guys keep it up :)


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • irishluck83irishluck83 Administrator
    I think we should implement @Tipping_Fedora's idea.
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