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the state of the irc....

I used to enjoy my time in the irc, but then trolling has been allowed to happen and run unchecked. if karma is so meaningless then how come certain people there can use it to get under my skin so unnecessarily? there's good natured ribbing and there's concerted efforts to piss people off. first I up-voted something that means something to more than just me, ubuntu, several people or just one with a script down-voted it faster than I could up-vote it by like 3 or 4 times. then I decided to start down-voting something that really annoyed me, birds, then at least one person in general, bougyman, made it his life's mission to up-vote it til I just gave up on down-voting it. then I just came up with something totally rediculous to up-vote to see if I could get it on the .good list and here come spudowair, who didn't even seem to notice my efforts until I got it about 100 or so and is now putting all of his efforts, including what can only be a script to in his words "slowly drain me" and intends to keep going til it's -100. so again if karma is meaningless then why have it around to be the only way to be a prick to individual people since the deactivation of !timebomb? I'm leaving the irc, I'm leaving the community, because what once was a place I enjoyed and felt welcome, has become what it is. where people will be mean-spirited and for no reason but gfor their own enjoyment to troll people (remember when trolling was frowned upon?) then I'm done. but I do want to leave on this note, you can up and down vote people in irc themselves, good luck not having that blow up in your faces


  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    That's unfortunate Randall,

    The Karma is supposed to be a bit of fun if its being used to troll then we may need to review it.

    That said i will say this again as i have said it a number of times. We admins volunteer our time to the community we cant keep track of everything that happens on every platform.
    If you are having issues with members or services you need to tell us BEFORE your rage quit from the community forum post if you cant get a hold of any one on IRC you can send a forum PM or an Email so that we might find an equitable solution for both parties, i can assure you having done this for 7-8 years now that the people who have upset you probably didn't know that was the case.

    Its sad to see you go mate but good luck on your journeys and your always welcome back if/when you feel it appropriate :) Thanks for your participation :D


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • woox2kwoox2k Registered
    edited June 2016
    Sad to see you leave but people take this karma thing way too seriously lately. It has always meant to be a fun and by trying hard to get your opinion to the top is just the same as wanting it to go down. I often upvote arch and downvote systemd when i can (no scripts) but i don't even remotely think that systemd is bad, i just found it funny to see it below microsoft and windows10 :awesome: I also don't think that arch is the only good distro out there but i upvote it because at one point it became a fun contest between Arch and Gentoo.
    I just wanted to say to chill out and enjoy better things in life instead of worrying about your opinions being downvoted on some IRC channel. LDC is still one of the best Linux related communities out there! (I have some experience in that)
    Mess with the best, die like the rest!
  • bougymanbougyman Registered
    My two cents: I have a bird (parrot) and have always kept birds. There was no troll involved, just something I didn't like to see getting so many negatives. Isn't that was karma is? I've never used a script to vote, that would be against the spirit of karma. I hope you're wrong and spudowar is not doing so. If he's not, I don't see what the problem is, unless you're saying your karma preferences should somehow outweigh his/mine/anyone else's?
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