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RocketChat Replaces Telegram

setkehsetkeh Administrator
Hi guys,

I have shutdown the telegram chat protocol for LDC there are a few reasons as follows,
Ungodly amount of spam it was horrible and made me cry.
Its not open source software the messages get stored off on some server i had no control over.
There is Surly a better way of of doing this.

So in the end i tested a few free opensource slack like software's and settled in on rocketchat because it gave me the least hassle during setup and even had docker containers prebuilt, so yes to answer the first question that will spring to your mind the rocketchat is running in about 5 - 6 docker containers.

You don't need any special permissions or anything to register and you don't need an admin to invite you anymore either just please register for the forums if you haven't already before registering for rocketchat as we would like you to be active on both.

Does this Replace IRC too ??
No - IRC is still our primary communications channel and that is unlikely to change ever this is just another chat method for those who don't like IRC or don't know how to use it yet :D

You can register over at

Happy Chatting.


One does not Simply Deploy into Production.


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