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I have a new machine with a 2-disk RAID array (2x1TB). I want to run 3 VMs. I thought that I might need to create different partitions for each machine but after some experiment it doesn't seem necessary. Before I partition the disk can anyone advise/suggest what an efficient partition layout might be? I want to run a Mail Server and two M/S Servers on my hardware platform. In fact they are legacy machines I recovered and which need to be retired; the VM solution seems an elegant one. Thanks in advance Jean


  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    Your partition Layout matters not really you could if you like store the machines on a seperate partition or you could store them on the os drive partition either way no difference.

    I generally create a folder somewhere on the disk "Usually my home dir" and store vms and service settings/data

    Since i generally dont reinstall my servers once their up and running. the only reason i could think of off the top of my head for creating partitions all over the place is if you expect to be re installing the machine allot.

    hope thi helps


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