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having android browsers identify as a desktop

kantoquadkantoquad DonatorDonator
edited March 2016 in Android
OK here in the states most TV shows can be watched free of charge on a desktop or laptop. However they require android users to use an app. The apps usually require entering your identity and a password of your local cable provider.

Well, we do not have a cable provider, so we need to spoof one. I tried a couple of agent changers and they did not work. They require flash. I side loaded google chrome and firefox (my is an amazon tablet) and dolphin, none worked. I have set up my windows box as a server with potato server and it lags so bad on the tablets it is unwatchable. I am currently upgrading the router and modem and all wifi cards that I can to the new AC standard. I can say the parts I have upgraded have seen huge increases in data transfer speed, so that may fix it. However that may not always be practical. So spoofing the browser and with flash would be nice.


  • kantoquadkantoquad DonatorDonator
    Pinguy wrote an app that works well, at least if you have decent specs on the Tablet or phone. It is on the android thread on the pinguy forum. Can be used with firefox
  • KDGKDG Registered
    edited April 2016
    why u Comment on your Comment @kantoquad ?

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