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LinuxDistroCommunity Update.

setkehsetkeh Administrator
Hi Guys,

I wanted to write up an update post since we have needed to make a few changes to the community.

Firstly im looking to retire the Telegram Chat for the community for a number of reasons,
Firstly Spam i get hammered with spam quite heavily on telegram from people who just reference the website or some such and request to be added with absolutely no intention of contributing.
Secondly Its not OSS, While this does not worry myself so much but the community as a whole is built upon free software.
There is an Nginx Proxy in front of the HTTPS endpoint of rocketchat so its possible for you to recive an error 502 BAD GATEWAY this means the rocketchat docker container crashed as im the only person that has access to the VM right now you need to Email, PM or ping me on IRC so i can restart it (im still looking into a resolution for this issue).

With the hopeful Retirement of Telegram i will Announce the Beta for Rocketchat the FOSS recreation of Slack that is written in javascript with the meteor framework.
You can find the beta at since this is a beta expect bugs and broken stuff if you want to use the mobile android app you will need to connect to for now until i can figure out whats wrong with the mobile app and SSL. Since i know some one will ask, The forums and Rocketchat have Separate authentication meaning you will need to register a new user on Rocketchat that will be separate from your forums account. THE RULES ARE THE SAME AS THE IRC RULES.

And to be clear our preferred chat platform is still #linuxdistrocommunity on

Next up in the Update agenda is the LDC servers, as allot of you have noticed LDC went down for short periods a fortnight or so ago and you probably have notice the mumble server has less channels now, This is due to the fact we had to let go of the Monstrosity of a dedicated server we had and look for some cheaper options for keeping our services up, This is largely due to the fact that Donations are down from where they were previously and keeping services up and secure is quite expensive.

We rely 100% on the community to keep the community up and running and we will never run ads or any other service like that, So if you would like to see more services or generally help out please donate to help us out.

I would also like to retire the Mumble for something that is easier to manage with less reliability issues, Rocketchat has WebRTC though im not 100% sure that will meet the requirements if you have any suggestions for this please let me know :)

If you would like to donate to the community with a Cryptocoin (Bitcoin, Litecoin, etc) please let me know and i will be happy to work with you on a solution to make that possible.

LinuxDistroCommunity also has a Subreddit (we have had it for a few months now) and i have been having issues finding the time to maintain it so i would like to propose a community effort to finish the CSS theme to make it really cranking and the best subreddit on the front page of the internet :)
Reddit Link:
Current Subreddit theme:
Please feel free to fork and edit the reddit theme and submit your versions :D there may or may not be a cool prize for the submission that gets picked :D

I think that covers off most things for now if you have any suggestions please feel free to let us know all suggestions are a huge help you can message myself or pdq or just startup a new thread or reply here there are many many ways to hit us up :)

And remember this is your community, You are the reason it exists any contributions you have are very much appreciated :)


One does not Simply Deploy into Production.


  • shymegashymega Registered
    Really good stuff to see there @setkeh, I'm especially pleased about the move from Telegram to a libre and self-hosted alternative. In terms of a solution for the Docker container going down, you could try to write a systemd unit file, and enable it at boot of the server, preferably after the I can assist you with that, if you want. :] Otherwise, sounds good!

    Dom Rodriguez (shymega)
  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    Hey guys,

    Im glad to say though it still need loads of testing the Rocketchat crashing every few minutes issue appears to be resolved i have also fixed the file upload issues we experienced early on.

    The mobile application is still an issue and that next on my resolve todo list. But i have left port 3000 exposed to the internet temporarily as a fix or you can use the chome ability to create a webapp on android for ssl support.

    Feel free to come and test guys the more data the better :)


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    Hi guys i have good news regarding rocketchat.

    Thanks to some not so gentle encouragement from spudowiar on irc we have managed to resolve the SSL trust issues on android phone in the web browser.

    The better news is this has resolved the connection issues with the android app and SSL you can now connect through the android app with SSL

    To that end i have closed of all ports including 3000 and 80 for connections to the rocketchat and made SSL the only permanent option for connecting to the rocket chat server.

    happy chatting guys :)


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

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