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release of it-edit version 2.0

gnobiangnobian Registered
edited March 2016 in Announcements
Hi to all the community,

I want to announce the release of it-edit (Integrated Terminals Editor) version 2.0,


it-edit 2.0 has evolve in terms of ergonomic (Add of many practice shortcuts, more buttons, and so soon...), several functionalities have been added some bug have been fixed.

it-edit is written in C and use GTK+3.0, as HMI (Human Machine Interface), libgtksourceview3 for the editor and libvte-2_90 for the terminals support.

it-edit 2.0 is available as debian package and as tarball.

Try it for one week, you will surely adopt it (Really take the time to adapt you to it-edit).

Other funny GTK+3.0 software are:

* mmp (Micro Music Player) based on libvlc and gtk+3.0: an easy to use minimal music player.

* Edip (Easy Digital Imaging Processing) an images processing program written in C++ using gtkmm3 and opencv3.

* Ghobdcalc (Graphical Hexadecimal Octal Binary Decimal Calculator) a multi-base calculator.

Thanks for your responses.

Long life to GNU/Linux (don't forget the GNU) - free systems and programs.
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