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Hello everyone

Long story short, i am 30 years old "typical geek" who spend tons of time in daily routine "wake up -> work -> home -> pc -> sleep". While on first university i was pretty hyped for linux, my main distro back to this times was Deb 3.1 Sarge with Gnome GUI, between this i was testing Mandrive / Red Hat but Deb was last one and pretty much i was working for like more than half year. Unfortunately, with time i was more and more stuck with apps and games what i wanted to use but my knowledge was too small to fix problems (and i had 56 kbps modem ;w;) so i went back to windows and just lately one guy was convincing me to go back to linux and try it again.

I would like to say hello to everyone and wish i will find some kind friends to help me get back into world of free software. Guy was convincing me to try Arch Linux, i already tested Mint (as i saw in web it's pretty much newbie friendly) but dunno why, i find in web opinions that Arch > other distro, i am green in this so dunno what to do.

Greetings and wish you all good day/night!


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