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Hello all new member to the linux distro community, I have a kde issue i hope you can help with

Hello all

I've just reinstalled arch linux with the kde plasma desktop, everything is awesome except for 3 little things

1. My wifi doesn't save the settings and requires my wallet password everytime
2. If i hit logoff it just goes black and then re logs in (should this happen if theres only 1 user account?)
3 My desktop theme changes when i reboot, i installed the arch linux plasma theme and customised it to my liking by adding in a darker theme with it... the look and feel settings as well as the window borders and application appearance are fine but the desktop theme tab settings constantly revert to a different theme

Kind Regards


  • KDGKDG Registered
    1 i allways remove wallet kicking in...

    2. not sure

    3. i have same kde promelb :pleased: lol

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    update as of 2017
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