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Recover encrypted folders

Hi there
I had an installation of Ubuntu as of Saturday November 7 2015, this installation had been there since a couple months ago. In this installation I used cryptkeeper to encrypt a Folder callled "Dvaz'kzlye", this folder was mounted in /media/dyll131198/Storage/Data/Dvaz'kzlye/Dvaz'kzlye/.

On Sunday November 8 2015 I reinstalled Ubuntu, how can I get my encrypted folder (Dvaz'kzlye) back? Is it somewhere in the HDD called Storage?
And how can I decrypt my home folder from past installation?

Yes, I do still remember my password.

I ran sudo parted -l to list the partitions on my machine at the moment and it may be possible from its size or filesystem to figure out which is the Dvaz'kzlye partition, even if it was not labelled with that name.

I've got a full system restore tarball, if that helps

First through console I entered Dvaz'kzlye dir and there are some folders named "." and "..", I guess my data is there.

Thanks in advance.


  • pdqpdq Administrator
    You should be able to install cryptkeeper in your new install and then open/start it and within program browse to your path of encrypted data like you show in your image. :)

    Manually Mounting from Cryptkeeper

    There is a gnome tray application called Cryptkeeper that allows for manual (GUI based) mounting/unmounting of directories encrypted with encfs.

    To install it, run:

    sudo apt-get install cryptkeeper

    It should then be available to run from Applications->System Tools->Crytpkeeper. To add your volume click on the tray icon and select "Import EncFS directory". It will then let you browse to your encrypted ~/.encrypted directory (from part 1 of this page). You can then select the location it should be mounted as well.

    In the future, you can simply click on it, and select your directory from the drop-down options.
    Good luck and let us know how it goes @dyll131198 . :)

    Admin at Linux Distro Community, humble slave of LGC & lurker at GOL. [GitHub, Twitter, Steam]

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