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Welcome, jankiel & respectfully, it's AFT!

Welcome all newcomers.  I feel like one myself.

That's because I had almost thought about giving up on Lite until I heard of the new 2.6 via rokytnji on another forum.

Looking for a minimal install I may add to as I please, I went with a minimal lubuntu (mini.iso) so netflix could be run.  Since streaming of live college ball and NFL went out with 2015, I live in a rural area, and don't like TV, it was the best option.  Am planning on using Lite 2.6 32-bit on a spare WD 1T hdd bougth at Fry's for 60 bucks.  I'm cheap, but like good performance.  Like my car -- '89 Nissan Sentra.  LOL!

Am glad Lite is back with its new release -- Congrats, devs!


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