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things you really don't want to hear on an airplane intercom

randallrandall Registered
edited July 2015 in Off Topic Discussions
  1. Wheeeeeee! !!!! We’re flying!!!!
  2. Wow! Look at all the buttons!!!!
  3. Hey, gimme another beer.
  4. I know exactly what I’m doing; I didn’t crash nearly as many times as you did in the simulator.
  5. No, it’s my turn! You let go!
  6. You do remember where we hid the parachutes right?
  7. Hey, I betcha I could get closer to that mountain than you can without hitting it.
  8. See? I told you if we dressed up like this we could get into the cockpit.
  9. I hope you know how to land this thing because I skipped that class.
  10. Good evening ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking.  Does anyone know how to fly a plane?


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