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KiraYameto ReWrite

Hey Guys
Just letting you know that i have rewritten KiraYameto (the IRC Bot) If you were registered before hand you should still have your username and pass the same as it was but if you donot please re register with the bot.

I Am still working on the alias's atm so some of the commands that worked before maynot work at the moment untill i Get things sorted out :D

Current New Features:
(ill try to remember to update his XD)
Confirmed Working:
!give <-- very much like Phrik from #archlinux eg. !give setkeh archwiki LDC
!archwiki <-- Search the Archwiki :D
!gentoowiki <-- searches the gentoo wiki
!buntuwiki <-- searches the ubuntu wiki at (

Not Confirmed Working:
RSS Feeds for the forums (i.e kira posting somthing like "News From LDC <New Post title here> <new Post Author> <>;

RSS is a trial thing only it may or may not be enabled at the time of reading :D

thats it so far im gonna go back to work cheers :D

(this post was mainly to check and see if RSS was working :D)


One does not Simply Deploy into Production.


  • ValtamValtam Registered
    Thanks setkeh, this is turning out to be a very useful bot. I appreciate the time you have spent doing this :)
  • yugnipyugnip DonatorDonator
    Yepsir neat bot indeed. Any chance #pinguyos could use it as well?

    sent from my lgl55c running AreaRom 1.4
  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    yug yes for sure mate ill add #pinguyOS to the autojoin on the bot but first if you could get a hold of me before i can do it just to clear up some logistial issues brought about by just throwing it in there that would be great :D but your more than welcome to it for sure :D

    And if any one has any suggestions about plugins and setups for the bot please contact me keeping in mind the bot is supy bot and i dont have a great deal of time to port other bots modules ant what not :D


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

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