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Mumble, getting LDC publicly listed

ValtamValtam Registered
An excerpt from a chat I had with our provider today, hopefully comments like ours will put a fire up their you-know-what ;)

Mitch Thank you for contacting support, my name is Mitch how may I help you today?
valtam@linuxdistrocommuni Hello, I spoke to one of your support people a while ago about Publicly listing our server
valtam@linuxdistrocommuni They said this would be a feature added in the future
valtam@linuxdistrocommuni is this ready yet?
Mitch Unfortunately at this time, no it is not :( It's something we're working on, but we do have a few things in front of it.
Mitch We hope to have it released soon, though there is no eta
valtam@linuxdistrocommuni our growth is restricted by not being listed publicly. Think of it this way, the bigger we get, the more slots we need, the more you get paid.
valtam@linuxdistrocommuni I am hoping this will happen soon
Mitch I understand. Sorry for the troubles.
valtam@linuxdistrocommuni no troubles
valtam@linuxdistrocommuni just still waiting thats all
valtam@linuxdistrocommuni will it be this year?
Mitch I would definitely assume so, yes :)
valtam@linuxdistrocommuni ok
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