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Any Opinions On OpenBox

I just recently re-downloaded Manjaro, but this time I decided to use the OpenBox version, and I really like it. It won't replace Enlightenment (E19) as my favorite, but I think OpenBox is a great WM.


  • irishluck83irishluck83 Administrator
    Openbox is a nice window manager for sure. It is a nice starting step to bigger and better stuff.
  • Just keep in mind, any sortware openbox included.. not ment to replace other software. It's ment to do its own thing. Not be a copy exactly. (Some have this goal but meh lol)

    Openbox offers a sometimes lighter experience then other window managers out there. But some people need the 200 plugins to display a clock. So use what makes sense for you. And test everything :-p
  • bartosbartos DonatorDonator
    I love openbox. Be as little or alot as you want with it.
  • slackmagicslackmagic DonatorDonator
    ^ what he said.

    Best is to try a bunch of those wms out, figure out which one you like in terms of usability for your own needs (are you a coder?), how "difficult" it is to make configuration changes, and basically stick to the one that really makes your system fun to use.

    I've landed on openbox myself for years now (after having been a fluxbox users previously), and haven't had the need to switch just yet. One of these days I'll give tiling wm another chance and it'll have to be i3 or awesome to choose from, but that's no rush for me just yet. Perhaps another 10 years of openbox or so. :P

    "One is never too old to learn; and will never have learned enough." - (Chinese proverb)
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