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url plugin

this forum should really take advantage of the google seo url plugin, and setup url rewrites. google does not like to index pages with ? in the url


  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    I leave this to one of our Anti google Nazi's to explain why we dont do this :P


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • morning_starmorning_star DonatorRegistered, Donator
    I think you said quite a bit already setkeh. I too am anti google. Please no. :)

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  • your pages wont be indexed with all those ? and tid=2368&pid=14694#pid14694 instead of its not google only yahoo/bing will ignore your content too.
  • pdqpdq Administrator
    We are looking into upgrading our existing forum software in the future. At that time, things like this will be addressed, thanks. :)

    Admin at Linux Distro Community, humble slave of LGC & lurker at GOL. [GitHub, Twitter, Steam]

  • if you would like help im familiar with mybb. the issue is like mediawiki shorturls. mybb's a little rough around the edges but it's definitely better than phpbb. invision power boards run seo urls by default, phpbb doesn't have any options for urls, you've got to hand craft rules, and the end results usually super ugly numbers in urls still. when i was running mybb id have problems with tables becoming inconsistent that's why i say its a little rough around the edges, all of my mediawiki installs have never given me that problem. though i do know mybb's community's very active, and does address bugs promptly. the plugin im suggesting's actually kinda painful to get installed right. so long as you have correct rules, both the current urls and rewrite urls will work.... then the plugin can be inserted but if you do it the other way around the urls for everything will be broken links. you're welcome, id also like to see this occur under arch wiki though im not holding my breath.
  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    Its not so much needing help but we are in the process of migrating the forums to a newer platform and doing some pretty solid bug fixing :D


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • Draime95Draime95 DonatorRegistered, Donator

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