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Hi at the beginning of my introduction I would like to apology to everybody for my level of English. I am not a native English speaker and still have some difficulties with the language, spelling and grammar.

I've started learn English myself 7 years ago but unfortunately not all the time so I still need to improve it.

I live in Scotland UK for over 6 years now. I am a Interactive Media - Web Development/Software Development full time student. Also husband and the father. I always been interested in Computer Technology, designing and coding.

My other activities I love are Hill walking where I climb most of Scottish Munors with my dog. Also MMA where in the past I did some wrestling and the body building unfortunately many knee concussions put me away from the fighting sport forever (now I fight against proprietary software... no just kidding)

Now about Linux. I am a Linux enthusiast for quiet some time. In the way of my experiences with Linux I've had tried a few distributions of Linux, experimenting with versions of kernel.

I found that Linux Ubuntu is the most comfortable distribution for me to use. I also interested in Arch Linux and I plan to give it a shoot on my Lenovo Thinkpad T61 so if there is someone who use Lenovo Thinkpad T61 with Arch Linux pre-installed any help and advice would be appreciated.

So that's all it is a pleasure to be a part such a great community and if any one would like to pm me feel free to do that at any time.



  • yugnipyugnip DonatorDonator
    Nice introduction. No worries about the English. Believe it or not you write better than quite a few native speakers. Not that it matters... we talk computers, not grammar.

    Anyway, great to have you along for the discussions. Welcome.

    Sent from my LGL55C on AreaRom 1.3
  • Lyxer01Lyxer01 Registered
    Welcome Hotroxy777 to the community!!!

    Nice to see that you have taken an deep interest in Linux. Many including my self are big Linux users as well, so dont be scared to ask questions if your stuck on something.

    Anyways I hope you have a enjoyable stay here. Feel free to start making your self at home. :)

    P.S. Dont worry about your level Engish, we have people from all over who dont speek english as their first.
  • ValtamValtam Registered
    Hi Hotroxy777, great to have you here! Make yourself at home, I look forward to communicating with you and sharing knowledge :)
  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    First things first Welcome to the forums :D

    As for Archlinux im god in that department :P (im also afraid of modesty :P)
    not sure about the lenovo think pad i dont have one but i have been using arch for 9 odd years so you are always more then welcome to ask me in irc and mumble or post up any questions you have in our wonderfull arch section :D

    Hope you enjoy your stay :D you be apart of the furniture in no time :D


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • This is the place to be for all levels of skill and experience in the Linux Universe. Happy to see that you have joined us. I am new here as well
  • hotroxy777hotroxy777 Registered
    Thank you very much guys for such a warm welcome. I wasn't sure about what exactly I can ask or how detailed questions I have to ask. At most (not all of them) Linux community forums in my native country Noobies are not welcome and the grammar there is also more important than any other things ;)

    But I didn't came here to complain about it. I just wanted to join some Open Source enthusiasts like myself. First I found Spatry's You Tube channel and there I found the link to this forum.

    @setkeh last night I just spend a few hours trying to install Arch on my Lenovo and when I was able to install system then I couldn't connect to wireless network so when I finally found the solution then I faced problem with xorg :)

    Even with Debian I never had so much problems, so I assumed that Arch configuration is a little bit more advanced or needs more time from me to configure the whole OS.

    I don't have a much time these days so for now I'll stick with Ubuntu which for my daily tasks is a great OS. Everything works for me form the first day. The only thing I had a problem with was Adobe package (yes I know we have alternatives but unfortunately I need it for work and my studies) but I found the solution.
  • Lyxer01Lyxer01 Registered
    Arch does need a bit of work and understanding to get up and running. Its not the most friendly OS out there for sure (i could name worse *cough* Gentoo, LFS *cough*) so just use what you like the most and enjoy what you have. After all not all distros are created equally for everyone :)
  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    Yeah Lyxer is 100% correct :D Arch is definatly a Distro that requires allot of TLC (Tender Loving Care) and many times spent on it :D

    If you post a question in the arch section (or any section :D) just try your best to give as much information as possible along with errors received and logs if you can :D


    One does not Simply Deploy into Production.

  • statzstatz DonatorDonator
    Welcome !
    Hope to catch up sooner or later
    Cheers Statz : )
  • robgravesrobgraves DonatorDonator
    hotroxy777 wrote:


    Hi hotroxy777, welcome to the forums!!!
  • FishmanFishman Registered
    [size=medium]Howdy hotroxy777. Welcome to the community. :D[/size]
  • plustwoplustwo Registered
    hi hotroxy777, welcome to LDC. you'll get to understand Arch as time goes. great community here.
  • Welcome to the LDC :D
  • akshayakshay Registered
    Hi I am akshay from nashik ,India. M profeshnal photographer n expert animator . N studig at 3rd yr engineering.
  • JoshuaJoshua Registered
    Welcome! :D
  • SeanSean Registered
    akshay wrote:
    Hi I am akshay from nashik ,India. M profeshnal photographer n expert animator . N studig at 3rd yr engineering.

    Hey Nashik! You can start your own thread to introduce yourself if you want.
    But regardless welcome to the LDC!
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