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Gaming on Fedora

Similar to my gaming on Debian thread, I am going to give it a try on Fedora which I expect to be more of a challenge. Not because Fedora is difficult but because I expect less help since "well Steam doesn't support rpm distros officially" is the line I expect to hear from the Steam community a lot.

I got a nice base system up and running, tonight I will actually pursue to setup/play of Steam games. I'm going to get Wine and PlayOnLinux installed as well.


  • morning_starmorning_star DonatorRegistered, Donator
    i have pretty good luck with playonlinux for my wine games ... ( untill openmw is at a 1.0 state i will be using wine )

    Yesterday I went on a walk and saw a little chipmunk sitting on a log.   I went over and asked the chipmunk what he was doing there.  He looked up at me with his little eyes and now i only have one leg.


  • irishluck83irishluck83 Administrator
    I gamed on fedora in the past it is not as difficult. Let me know if you have any issues.
  • bartosbartos DonatorDonator
    I am running fedora 20 with Gnome and run all my Steam games perfectly.
    I don't use wine or playonlinux so I don't know of issues with them
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