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Debian for Gaming

How many of you use Debian as your desktop daily driver? As someone who is mostly a Steam gamer I am curious if you find working with Debian to be pleasant for gaming. I'm sure Sid is probably the best but is using Debian Wheezy for gaming a viable possibility? Does it take a lot of additional work to get games working or does it pretty much run out of the box?

I'm just considering alternatives. :)


  • I mainly use Debian on my rather old/weak notebook (some office core2duo, no graphics card/some on-board chip, 4GB RAM), thus gaming isn't really that much of an option for me there (have a gaming pc.. with windows for that)..

    However I installed steam and CS:S once and it worked surprisingly well! I'm on Debian Jessie.

    Depending on the hardware and the games you want to play you should be fine. I also think more and more games will be available for linux in future and the graphics driver should improve as well.
  • morning_starmorning_star DonatorRegistered, Donator
    i am very interested to know what your findings are snowcrash as since ubuntu is ending thier 32bit i may switch to debian on the macbook ... would be interested to know how steam runs

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  • I will be sure to let you know how it works. Most likely I will start with testing and pin sid if I need to but as a sample I will try Wheezy and see how far I can get without pulling in a bunch of extra repos.

    I'm going to start building the jessie install tonight. :)
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