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Thinking of buying a new laptop (or building a desktop)

morning_starmorning_star DonatorRegistered, Donator
So here is the real question ... what are some good linux compatible laptops ... i am looking for an intel with integrated graphics (just cause setup is so painless) and was wondering what people have had luck with... or perhaps your oppinion is i should build a desktop. Either way i am in the market for a new machine and wanna hear peoples horror stories or advice based on experiance with various machines so i can be a smart shopper. Thanks in advance all.

:) :) :)

oh this is just for everyday usage btw... nothing special needed but just need a newer machine as my main is getting old and to the beater stage

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  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    I have Generally never had any issue's with Dell or Acer laptop in linux the Acer Apsire V5 is a very nice laptop (i bought one for my fiance'), is also a nice laptop or anything out of that series is a good option :)


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  • MadmanRBMadmanRB Registered
    There is also HP who I have seen work for linux, just avoid Toshiba as thier newer machines are very anti anything but win 8
  • darthlukandarthlukan Registered
    I swear by my System76 Gazelle Pro laptop. Granted, System76 has become sort of the Apple of the Linux PC world (in having higher prices than everyone else it seems), but I think that's offset by the quality of service (have a question or need a part number? They'll respond within a couple of hours and get you precisely what you need) and the speed of their shipping. They're Ubuntu installation features a custom module that contains several drivers tailored to the system, so there's that too, even though I ripped Ubuntu off of the system and installed Arch immediately :)
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