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Are 'buntus Debian anymore?

I may be incorrect in a sense of origins, but 'buntus have changed or evolved to the point I believe (and many have voiced the same belief) that they do not technically belong under the category Debian anymore. It's confusing to both groups of users and there are those from 'buntuland that will not deign to use the command line.

This will most likely be decided by the new admins yet to be 'elected,' so I leave it up for discussion only at this time.


  • irishluck83irishluck83 Administrator
    From what I gathered..the Ubuntus' are its own beast. Since other distros are based off of Ubuntu, I think we can classify it has not being based on Debian anymore. That is what I think though.
  • setkehsetkeh Administrator
    THough it has Evolved quite allot it still shares quite allot from debians upstream and is still pretty heavily based on debians ideology IMHO ubuntu's are still very much based on debian :)


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  • morning_starmorning_star DonatorRegistered, Donator
    I would agree that ubuntu is based on debian still ... though there are several aspects now a days that cause me to believe ubuntu is its own beast as said earlier ... i still believe that beast to be based on debian

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  • For me its mostly the package management. Using .deb's and apt-get/aptitude are one of the most major distinguishers of distros for me as they are such a major building block of a distro but I understand the sentiment. Ubuntu and Canonical are going in their own direction and I fear in all of it they will leave the Linux community behind. Yet still, I consider it based on Debian since it has the same fundamental structure and package management as Debian. I forsee that being the common understanding for some time to come.
  • L0aD1nGL0aD1nG Registered
    Ubuntu and all Ubuntu based systems are originally based on Debian.
    And probably they will be for ever. --_--
  • In my view, they changed the kernel package, the repos that Apt points to, and the default installed userspace applications. Folder hierarchy is still the same, system config files are identical (only the contained values differ), and swapping between Debian and Ubuntu on either system is a matter of changing source.lst and running a mass purge + apt-get update && apt-get upgrade (possible minor manual labor involved). So yeah, I still consider Ubuntu (and its derivatives) to be Debian based, since there's no debate on which came first.
  • Linux4TodayLinux4Today Registered
    edited July 2015
    Ubuntu LTS documentation explicitly states that they pull all of their sources from Debian unstable.

    • Cutting Edge: Starting with the 14.04 LTS development cycle, automatic full package import is performed from Debian unstable1

    Ubuntu having re-spins is irrelevant to what Ubuntu it's self is based on.

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  • DanDDDanDD Registered
    edited July 2015
    Basically, if you use Linux Mint 17.2, and LMDE, there is practically no difference.  I had them both, and deleted them both.
  • sidzensidzen DonatorDonator
    Been gone from the forums for a season but now have time for them, again. Will most likely be back off and on for the Winter. Hardly thought I'd be farming, but Life keeps bringing new challenges for growth (lol)!

    Gonna try Sabayon next.

    It's an old thread, but thanks for the comments!
  • KDGKDG Registered
    LOL :+1: good for you

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  • KDGKDG Registered
    next ubuntu 16.04 unity 8 , think very little to do with debian..

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  • RottNKorpseRottNKorpse Registered
    Yes, Ubuntu is still Debian-based. They are both technically separate distros because they have a lot of differences but each version of Ubuntu pulls directly from Debian's repos to create the Ubuntu repos so yes it is most certainly Debian-based.
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