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Which Distros Should I try to help me learn?

'm currently downloading a number of different Linux distros because I want to learn how to use it better.

I've used Ubuntu in the past, and I think it's alright. I do, however, want to give some others a shot to see if I like them better.

Of this list:

snowlinux-4-glacier-amd64.iso deepin_2013.1_en_amd64.iso

kubuntu-14.04-desktop-amd64.iso linuxmint-16-kde-dvd-64bit.iso

Mageia-4-x86_64-DVD.iso openSUSE-13.1-DVD-x86_64.iso

archlinux-2014.06.01-dual.iso OpenMandrivaLx-2014.0.x86_64.iso




Which would you say are the two or three that I should try first? I know that different people like different distros, so I just want to give each a shot to see which I prefer overall.

I'm leaning more toward Elementary since it seems like it's a little simpler than the others, however I'd definitely like to hear some of your opinions!

Thanks a lot!


  • irishluck83irishluck83 Administrator
    I would suggest Elementary, it is very Mac OS looking but you can change it. It is very stable and you would learn since you would have to change a few things when you download it (e.g. kernel). I would give Antergros/Arch when you are comfortable with the distro you are on and want to know the nuts and bolts of linux and the installation proccess, but that is my two cents.
  • computerkid9computerkid9 Registered
    Arch is a pretty good distribution for learning to. That ios what I have heard and I know many people who have said that they learned a lot with their experience.
  • DanDDDanDD Registered
    Any Enlightenment Distro. From what I have read around the net, there are many people that either love or hate Enlightenment, but I happen to love it, and it is my favorite DE/WM to use.
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