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Cinnamon DE and Pinguy

Hi All,

I know this subject probably made people wonder but here is my question. The reason I have been such a die hard Cinnamon DE guy is because of actually one feature, which until today while trying out Pinguy I thought was exclusive to Cinnamon, and that is the ability to switch your output device from internal sound to USB headset by clicking the sound/volume icon. It is a deal breaker to be and one of the reasons I cannot break away from Cinnamon but after seeing it available in Pinguy which is not Cinnamon it made me wonder - Is this an option for any distro and if so how do I install or make it available for the distro I want to use? I would appreciate some insight and input as this really piqued my curiosity and makes me hopeful that I can finally use my favorite feature in any distro. Thank you for the consideration.
Joe Johnston
Linux Mint MATE
"All the best people in life seem to like LINUX." Steve Wozniak


  • bartosbartos DonatorDonator
    Since we are open source, we can freely copy other software that is open source. So pinguy probably is using a package or source code from Mint or someone else. Did you ask in the pinguy forums what package it is?
    Once you know the name of package or script for it, it can be copied to other distros as long as it is open source.

    I would like to know what it is too and use it on my openbox setup.
    Keep us updated on your finds.

    Have fun
  • joejohnston3joejohnston3 Registered
    Thank you for the input and I will post in the Pinguy forums as well.
    Joe Johnston
    Linux Mint MATE
    "All the best people in life seem to like LINUX." Steve Wozniak
  • TibleTible Registered
    The newest pinguy has quite a bit of Mint source code. I would definetly check out the pinguy forums and maybe its release notes as well, as i think this is a newer feature for pinguy.
  • joejohnston3joejohnston3 Registered
    Per Pinguy here is the answer!

    It's a Gnome extension.

    Audio Output Switcher

    Here is a list of all used extension.
    AppIndicator Support
    Better Volume Indicator
    Coverflow Alt-Tab
    Frippery Move Clock
    Insensitive Message Tray
    Media player indicator
    Panel OSD
    User Themes

    Gnome is designed to be extensible with extensions. If there is a feature you are after there is normally an extension for it. You have to remember the first version of Mint that didn't use Gnome 2.3 used Gnome Shell with MGSE. What was basically Gnome Shell extensions that Mint renamed.
    Joe Johnston
    Linux Mint MATE
    "All the best people in life seem to like LINUX." Steve Wozniak
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