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Linux Distros that Look like Windows XD

Hey guys I was just woundering how many linux distros you know that try to look at windows?
  1. Zorin
  2. Deepin
  3. Linux XP
  4. XP Like
  5. Q40s
  6. Longhorn Linux
  7. Look Win XP
  8. Tails OS.
  9. Lindows
  10. Linspire
  11. Xandos
  12. PC-BSD
  13. React OS


  • wchouser3wchouser3 Registered
    Well to be sure, the particular Desktop Environments have more to do with the visual similarities than the distro. I can take pretty much any Desktop and make it look like Windows, with the exception of Gnome Shell.

    Now, out of the box; Zorin is by far the one that gets the most credit for comming out of the box looking as much like Windows as it can.
  • RottNKorpseRottNKorpse Registered
    Yea, it is pretty much a DE thing only...not really the Distro. Though some Distros are made for that purpose....but any distro and any DE can be tweaked to look like Windows. (Except Unity or Pantheon)

    PC-BSD is not Linux...and they just use KDE so anything using KDE could be put in the list if that is all the criteria that is needed.

    but anyway, I pretty much hate all distros/DEs/tweaks that try to immitate Windows. I am ok with Cinnamon because it is fully Linux but is friendly to the paradigm of Windows without trying to be a Windows immitator. Zorin is a bad goal in my opinion.
  • MadmanRBMadmanRB Registered
    I have seen some of these, they range from okay to meh.
    Best one on this list is zorin.
  • c_smithc_smith Registered
    Also, ReactOS is NOT Linux, it says it right there on their front page.
  • DanDDDanDD Registered
    To me, ChaletOS looks most like Windows, it is a new Distro though, and I haven't tried it yet.
  • L0aD1nGL0aD1nG Registered
    Tails doesn't not look like Windows really... its the classical gnome 2 look.
    Please exclude them from the list.
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