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KaarPux - Linux build from source

Dear all,

I would like to "announce" KaarPux: A Linux distribution where everything is build from upstream source:

KaarPux features a complete Linux system:
* Linux 3 Kernel
* Build system with GCC and clang/LLVM
* Tools and libraries (including many from GNU)

KaarPux is also a complete Linux desktop:
* X.Org X11 server and GNOME 3 desktop environment
* Mozilla Firefox Web Browser and Thunderbird Mail
* IcedTea Java based on OpenJDK
* Libre Office personal productivity suite

KaarPux also includes Perl, Python, Ruby, Haskell, OCaml, and COQ.

With just a couple of commands, you can build the complete KaarPux Linux Distro directly from upstream source code.

Instructions are included for building directly on your own hardware, as well as for building in Virtual Machines.

Please see

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