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[novice]SOULSEEK on Lite 1.0.8

Just curious to see who else is using Soulseek for Linux. Not exactly soulseek per se, but one of the other p2p clients developed for Linux distros.

I just installed Nicotine + (Plus) on my 1.0.8 OS, which is Linux' answer to the Soulseek p2p filesharing client. I must say it's working just fine, although Nicotine's interface is a bit bulky and clumsy compared to slsk's no-frills design.

I first tried to install the Museek package to no avail. The application was "unauthenticated" I believe and my system blocked it. I sorta "chanced" at picking Nicotine+ to install.There was another client called Murmur I passed over and I was becoming confused at my choices.

I understand that different ppa's essentially serve same purposes. But I haven't grasped the different "program" bases like Python, Debian, GTK (am I even making sense)?? I'm still a newbie to Linux and to the techy-side of computers!

So my overall question is: I'm running Lite 1.0.8 32-bit with the PAE kernal installed so what exactly do I look for when choosing the right software to install?
1.0.8 is derived from Ubuntu 12.04 or rather LUbuntu 12.04 correct? Do I look for 12.04 based packages to install?

I would appreciate any feedback from the LDC!!!


  • ValtamValtam Registered
    We generally don't discuss p2p software here, but we can discuss the protocol for example.
  • P.H.P.H. Registered
    We don't discuss p2p on the whole forum period?
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